China Metrix is a technology-driven strategy firm. We help our clients unlock untapped resources by using innovative technological tools.

Strategic Expertise: Our consultants all have years of experience in top-tier China based consulting firms, a precise understanding of the market and of companies’ major challenges in China

Passion for Technology: We pride ourselves in our passion for technology and how we can consistently apply it to improve our clients’ performance. We strive to offer the most innovative tools to offer you a durable competitive edge.

Cutting Edge: Our team combines experience and youth. We not only understand the technological trends shaping our world, such as big data and offline to online (O2O), but know how to implement them to provide our clients with real results.

Long-term Collaboration: We strongly believe in long-term collaboration with our clients, accompanying them throughout their journey and helping them to adapt to ever-changing trends and new technology. All of our projects are designed to be part of a broader strategy designed to improve all facets of your business.

Client Variety: We advise clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fresh start-ups. Technological tools can improve your business regardless of size, and we dedicate ourselves to finding the tools that are suited to your needs.


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Digital Upgrade

Our Digital Upgrade services are a technological audit of your firm. We diagnose the advancement of your firm in terms of technology and identify quick fixes that can provide immediate results.

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Digital Presence and Impact

Our tools allow firms to have a measurable online impact, from determining the right positioning and channels to how to monitor and improve all online communication.

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Digital Retail Boost

Technology allows our clients to fully leverage their existing offline resources to help boost their sales on every existing platform.

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China Metrix is helping companies to use the newest and state-of-the-art technologies to better understand their target market. We screen on a daily basis the most recent and best technologies for our clients.


  • We chose China Metrix as a partner for our marketing strategy as they could deliver products and services that could link our off-line base with our on-line presence. They were pretty unique and still are in the solutions they offer.
    Mark, Online Marketing Director in China
  • Their quick fixes model was very effective and convincing. No other agency was that detail-oriented and that up to date.
    Andrew, CEO in China
  • China Metrix was able to set up accurate KPI in order for us to better evaluate our marketing campaigns on social networks
    Olivia, Marketing Manager of a French MNC