About us

Who We Are

China Metrix was founded by 3 China-based consultants who came to a common conclusion: technology is not being used to its full potential to help improve company performance. While top-tier strategy firms are too slow in adopting and implementing useful technologies, specialized agencies are unable to focus on the larger goal: improving their client’s revenue and bottom line.

At China Metrix, we aim to bridge this gap. We believe each firm has untapped resources that can be unlocked with the right technological tools.

Our team is constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge technology that can be transformed into tools to help enhance our clients’ performance.

Why China?

China is a unique digital landscape. Its semi-closed internet has allowed a home-grown ecosystem to form, leading to the evolution of new and unique technological tools and online habits.

We use this to our advantage: we bring in the best international technology and tailor it to the Chinese market’s requirements, while also leveraging local tools to improve business performance.

Our Values

Adaptibility: Technology and markets change fast. We believe that to remain among the highest performers, we need to continuously adapt to the newest and best technology available. We constantly monitor new firms, products and breakthroughs to ensure that we always have the best tools at our clients’ disposal.

Technology: It is our strongest belief that technology is the key to growth. We believe that the strongest strategies take full advantage of the array of technologies at their disposal, allowing them to reach their targets in a lean and cost-effective way.

Improvement: Innovation is not about new discoveries, but about how to tailor these discoveries in a marketable way. We believe that each firm has many untapped resources that technology can unlock for them, allowing them to improve their performance without having to build new business lines from the ground up. We personally strive to continuously improve, be it in our expert knowledge of the Chinese market, our tools or our people.