Our consultants all combine a strong passion for technology and strategic expertise. That is why we handpick our staff to ensure they have experience working in both domains before joining China Metrix.

China’s digital landscape is unique. We estimate China has over 600 million active internet users, of which over 60% are mobile users. China already accounts for the largest online market in the world, with online sales totaling over 300 billion USD in 2013, and close to 10% of these sales being done through mobile. Furthermore, the industry is shaped by players absent from other markets: Tencent, Alibaba, Sina, and many more create a unique ecosystem with its own opportunities and challenges. Finally, homegrown innovation is growing fast, with apps and technology specifically tailored to China’s market, ranging from TV boxes to app management software.

It is our firm belief that only consultants with a perfect understanding of this landscape can truly provide value to our clients. With backgrounds in telecom, software engineering and digital agencies, as well as the very best of strategy firms in China, our consultants know how to leverage every single one of China’s specificities to offer you tailored and impactful solutions.

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